Friday, July 1, 2011

Polly of California

Sometimes I become completely obsessed with buying something expensive, but because I'm incredibly cheap, if I can't find it for what I think is a reasonable price, eventually I forget about it for a while until it seeps back into my brain and I become obsessed again. Current obsession? Polly of California steel tipped, wooden platform mules.

I think the most I've ever spent on shoes was $50 and that was on a pair that was originally $75 so even considering shoes that start at about $290 is fairly preposterous.

Even the knockoff Bordello/Pleaser is still $80 on Amazon and more from other sites.

The Atomic Bombshells, with
 Miss Indigo Blue, posing in Pollys.

Plus I've never even tried these shoes on. I've no idea if I can even walk in them. I think the first time I noticed them was when Miss Indigo Blue had them on at some convention or show we were both at and made them look 'kicky', fun, retro and sexy. I remember quizzing her about comfort, walk and danceability and she had nothing but good things to say- and so my obsession started. And I started noticing a lot of other performers wearing them:
Dirty Martini rocking her mules on the Cannes red carpet

Jo Boobs in her Sherry Britton tribute number:

And her gold shimmy fringe number

I want them, though I'll likely just continue to want unless I find a screaming deal in a color I like (gold, silver or any of the glitter ones) and in my size (I'm a size 9 ... and my birthday is in September...).

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