Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Boozy Cupcakes

Cutie at the
Denver Derby Party
Last year I met Tiffany Rose Goodyear, owner of Yours Truly Cupcake and talked about cross promoting her cupcakes with burlesque. She not only makes kickass cupcakes, she also has adorable Cupcake Cuties who dress up like retro cigarette girls and are a great fit for burlesque shows (or really any place that needs a cute girl handing out cupcakes- so, like, everywhere) .

We reconnected recently when she joined my secret cocktail society, and I invited her to join me for the 5280 Top of the Town Party and the Colorado Cocktail Project competition on Monday. Over a pre-party cocktail at Lola's, I discovered that she's now focusing on spirit, beer and cocktail cupcakes- and she used Montanya Rum for a couple of flavors for her summer launch party! Two of their new summer flavors use Montanya Oro: Montanya Strawberry Daiquiri & Montanya Mojito.

Plus they also made Dark & Stormy’s and Lavender Lemonade cupcakes with Montanya rum for the Denver Derby party! I was supposed to go to the Derby party, but couldn't- now I'm doubly sad I missed it, both for the Montanya cupcakes and the Mint Julep cupcakes with Buffalo Trace – Kentucky Straight Bourbon Buttercream frosting. And Chocolate Bourbon, chocolate cake topped with chocolate Buffalo Trace Bourbon ganache with a light chocolate buttercream. Mmmmmm...

Some of her other awesome boozy flavors (btw - I need a dozen of these- heavy on the St. Germain flavor -for my birthday September 27- get it on your calendar and send them my way?):

∙ Strawberry Champagne 
Champagne Cake &
Strawberry Frosting
Infused with

∙ Margarita 
Margarita Cake &
Lime-Orange Frosting with Lime Slice
Infused with Tequila and Grand Marnier

Moscow Mule 
Lime Vodka Cake &
Ginger Buttercream Frosting
Infused with Vodka and Gingerbeer

∙ Pabst Blue Ribbon 
PBR Vanilla Cake & PBR Frosting
Infused with Pabst Blue Ribbon

∙ Cosmopolitan 
Cranberry and Lime Vodka Cake &
Cran-Orange Frosting with Lemon Twist
Infused with Vodka and
Curacao Liqueur

∙ St. Germain 
Champagne Cake &  
St. Germain Frosting
Infused with Champagne and St. Germain Liqueur

∙ Irish Car Bomb 
Guinness Cake, Whiskey Ganache &
Irish Cream Buttercream
Infused with Guinness, Whiskey, and  Irish Cream Liqueur


  1. I guess Surly Temple used to be her baker! Maybe she needs a new burlesque baker?