Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Dead People's Things

I like old things and troll estate sales and ebay in search of curiosities and vintage clothes. In fact I love them so much I considered calling this 'Dead People's Things', after a late, great Denver second hand shop. But there's a lot more to me, and rather than limit myself, or start ten blogs about all the other stuff I do, I started this one, which will try to encompass all of me.

I'm a writer, and the evidence is on bookshelves & floating in the webisphere. I'm a burlesque girl- a performer, a producer, a costumer, a fan and a researcher/writer. I'm also a cocktail nerd- I drink them, make them, create them, read about them and have deep opinions about them. I used to be a photographer and a sculptor, and in fact have dusty old degrees in both that I'm hoping to brush off and start using again.

And I really, really love Denver. That little calendar up top will hopefully soon be filled with all the amazing things happening in Denver that make it the wonderful place I love.

So that's it. My goal is to write at least one post a day, to be both record and, maybe dialogue. I know there should be a weekly segment on my estate sale adventures, with pictures, and I'll post reviews of shows I see or am in (so maybe backstage reviews?). I'll also be documenting my return to photography and the art world (we'll see how that goes- last time I was in that world I wanted to punch the pretention out of everyone, but it seems more fun now). Of course, cocktails will be served.


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  1. Thanks for making my home town a cooler place to be!